I'll act until kicked out: Emraan Hashmi

Jul 7, 2010 IANS

New Delhi, July 7 (IANS) Emraan Hashmi is very happy acting and, unlike other stars, says he will not move an inch away from front of the camera to take on responsibilities of directing or producing films until he's booed out by audiences.

"Not at the moment. I'll act till the audiences kick me out or boo me out from the halls, saying we don't want to watch this man's movies' any more...I'll think about doing something else then," Emraan told IANS.

The actor has repeatedly portrayed roles with negative shades in movies like "Gangster", "Jannat" and the upcoming "Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai".

Asked if he was being typecast, Emrann said while the roles were all "dark", they were still different.

"Most of my characters have dark tones and are anti-establishment. They rebel...They have similar traits. But it would be typecasting if I do one role again and again.

Shah Rukh Khan plays a lover boy in every film...that doesn't typecast him. He plays an eternal romantic character on screen. If I play an angry young man or a hot blooded criminal in every film...that might typecast me but not these," he said.

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