Sushmita my favourite actress: Shiney Ahuja

May 10, 2006 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, May 10 (IANS) Newcomer Shiney Ahuja, who steals the show as a dreaded mobster in his latest release "Gangster", cannot stop raving about Sushmita Sen.

"I am doing Tanuja Chandra's film 'Rocking' with her. It is a love story between a cardiologist played by me and a singer played by Sushmita. The title 'Rocking' doesn't only refer to music but also to the way she rocks my life," Shiney told IANS.

"She is enigmatic and magnetic. Among all my co-stars so far she is my absolute favourite."

Talking about "Gangster", Shiney said: "You know, the whole film industry looks at 'Gangster' as my first film. 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi' didn't build any sort of a commercial equity for me. Though in many ways it changed my life.

"But I can't demand a certain price on the basis of 'Hazaaron Khwaishein...' The awards have helped in increasing my fee."

He reluctantly admits there wasn't much money in "Gangster".

"But at the end of the day you have to do what you believe in. Working with Mahesh Bhatt saab was a genuine learning experience. He is a pioneer in a certain kind of cinema. And the Bhatts (Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt) have a high success ratio. They know the industry in and out. And they have taught me a lot. I knew nothing about the industry when I arrived. I now consult Sudhir Mishra and Mahesh Bhatt. They are my godfathers."

He gives a clean chit to his co-stars Kangana and Emran Hashmi in "Gangster".

"Kangana is a sweet girl. And Emran is a really cool guy. There was absolutely no insecurity about him just because he belonged to the Bhatt clan. On the contrary, he has a reputation for good songs. So I thought I will have good songs too.

"I have two songs in 'Gangster' though I don't sing them on screen. Singing wouldn't go with my character. Can you imagine a cold-blooded gangster bursting into a song?"

So how does it feel sweeping most of the popular awards?

"Not most of them," he corrected. "All of them. The awards were all surprises one after another, coming as they all did for 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi', which got a 35-print release. The awards went on and on until Filmfare which is the most prestigious of the lot."

After a character modelled on mobster Abu Salem in "Gangster", Shiney plays Mahesh Bhatt in "Woh Lamhe".

"Again my co-star is Kangana. It is the love story between Bhatt saab and Parveen Babi."

Next, Shiney has his mentor Sudhir Mishra's "Bahut Nikle Mere Armaan". "I am waiting to start that. And Anurag Basu's 'Metro'."

He feels more relaxed now than he did when he made his debut.

"I haven't changed. But my environment has changed. I am no longer tense. My mentor Sudhir Mishra says my graph is going the opposite way. With success I have become easier to deal with."

He laughs about the divorce story.

"I found it funny. It was initially embarrassing for my wife. Even she laughed about it later. But I don't react at all to such talk. I wonder who has the time to spread all these rumours. I can't understand the intentions of such people. I have to realise that such gossip will be a part and parcel of my life."

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