Shwetha Menon lambasts 'Kayam' producer

Dec 7, 2010 NR

Cochi, Dec.7 (NR): Shwetha Menon is a very angry lady at the moment. The reason behind her anger is the kind of treatment that she has been meted out by 'Kayam' producer.

What has irritated Shwetha is that posters of 'Kayam' that have appeared in Trivandrum have a Musli Power ad running along. The State Award Winning actress feels that she must have been consulted before the producer decided to associate with a product as this.

Shwetha maintains that her role in 'Kayam' is pretty interesting and has posed several challenges to her as an actress. However the way it has been publicised has disappointed her immensely.

Interacting with a popular television channel, Shwetha wondered how the producer who is also a woman could do something like this to another woman.

Director Anil was also supportive of the actress and said, that it was extremely unfair on the part of the producer to drag her into a mess as this.

'Kayam' would have a release shortly. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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