Paruthi Veeran taken over by Ameer

Nov 7, 2006 P.V. Sathish Kumar

Director Ameer has taken over "Paruthi Veeran" in which actor Surya's younger brother Karthi made a debut as a hero, and will release the film next month under his banner Dream Team.

The film was originally produced by Studio Green (Surya's home banner) launching Karthi as a hero.

Ameer announced at a press conference last week that he has taken over the entire film from Studio Green.

Ever since the film was in the making and was halfway through, Ameer made a serious bid to take over the project. But Studio Green did not give in. The dispute resulted in delaying the release of the film which has remained in the cans for over a year.

Ameer's Dream Team and Studio Green have now amicably settled the matter after prolonged negotiations.

He said "Paruthi Veeran" has come out well and praised Karthi 's "knock-out" performance in the film. He also praised Priya Mani, the heroine for her natural style of acting without any make-up. Saravanan and Ponmani play character roles. Sixty other new faces worked in the film.

The 60 new faces he had introduced had never been in front of the camera and all the artistes, including the heroine, Priya Mani, have dubbed for themselves "in order to give the movie a stamp of authenticity".

Ameer said "this is my best film" and his objective is to win a national award.

The film has nothing do with real-life Paruthi Veeran though it has been named after him, he clarified.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed six tunes and taken two village temple festival songs sung by local folk singers. This is the first time Yuvan has attempted a village-based theme, according to Ameer. Another highlight of the film is Ramji's camera work. He has shot the entire film using only natural light.

The debutant hero Karthi said, "I think I am blessed to work with a director like Ameer in my debut film itself. Though a lot of people say that I sound like my brother Surya , I want to develop a style of my own and at the same time I want to live up to my father's (Shiva Kumar) and brother's reputations as well."

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