Protest demo against 'Paruthiveeran'

Mar 6, 2007 PVS

The most backward Koravar community (a nomadic tribe) have raised a banner of revolt against Karthi-starrer "Paruthiveeran", directed by Ameer, which was released all over Tamil Nadu on Feb. 23. There are an estimated 12 lakh members of the community spread over Tamil Nadu.

More than 500 members of the community gathered in Coimbatore on March 5 and staged a rally and protest demonstration demanding a ban on the film alleging that it defamed the community in general and its women in particular.

Tamil Nadu Koravar Tribal People's Association general secretary Capt. Durai, in a statement, said the community has been sidelined for ages and they have been struggling to come into the mainstream.

"Paruthiveeran" has harmed the community's movement for social justice and emancipation. The film has portrayed the community as a criminal tribe, anti-social, untouchable and lowly low. The Censor Board has done great injustice to this community by clearing the film. This act of the Censors is tantamount to depriving the community of its human rights, Capt. Durai said and urged the Censor Board to take steps to revoke the certificate issued to the film.

According to him, in the first phase of the agitation, the association had conducted a poster campaign. The protest demonstration in Coimbatore on March 5 was the second phase of the agitation. This would be followed up with a demonstration and a public meeting in Dharmapuri on March 9.

The film has not reflected the real life of Paruthiveeran, a Thevar. The story has been modified to bring shame to the entire community and Koravar women are shown as indulging in gambling, brewing illicit arrack and committing brutal murders. On the other hand, the Thevar community is praised and the Koravar community is defamed, Capt. Durai alleged.

He further charged that the director of the film has ensured that all those associated with the Koravar community meet their end before the movie ends implying that the tribes are unfit to live. Even those associated with them are disgraced and run down.

In real life, Paruthiveeran, belonged to the Thevar community in Madurai and his association with the Koravar community was through his marriage with 10-year-old Korava girl, Azhagammal.

Capt. Durai pointed out that the second wife of Paruthiveeran, Vellayammal who belonged to the Thevar community, had filed a case against the release of the film in the Madurai High Court in 2005 on the grounds that the movie was believed to have projected the life of Paruthuveeran in poor taste. The film has shamed over a lakh people of the Koravar community in Madurai district and over 12 lakh people in the State, he charged. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Paruthi Veeran


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