'Rani Padmini' started rolling

Apr 24, 2015 NR

Aashiq Abu’s latest movie ‘Rani Padmini’ has started rolling. Manju Warier and Rima Kallingal do the lead roles in this film.

'Rani Padmini' is a thriller and a travel movie. 'Rani Padmini' narrates the life and experiences of two women who embark on a journey from Kochi to Himachal Pradesh via Delhi, with different aims.

The film has no lead male actors. It plots the life and experiences of two women who are strangers. The script is penned by Shyam Pushkar.

The cast also includes Sajitha Madathil, Jinu Joseph, Sreenath Bhasi, Soubin Shahir, and Dileesh Pothen. Kochi, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh are the main locations for this movie.

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Rani Padmini


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