Vikramadityan Synopsis

‘Vikramadityan’ is the story of the friendship between three friends. The movie gives great prominence to music too. ‘Vikramadityan’ is directed and produced by Lal Jose under the banner of L J Films Private Limited and written by Dr Iqbal Kuttippuram.

Vikram Shenoy (Unni Mukundan) is the son of the police officer Viswanath Shenoy (Anoop Menon). They live in the Konkani Street, Mattancherry. Vikram wishes to be a police officer like his father. Nearby stays homoeo doctor Pie’s (Joy Mathew) daughter Deepika (Namitha Pramod).

Adityan (Dulquer Salman) stays at the opposite street with his working mother. Unlike Vikram, Adityan has no specific aims in his life and leads a lazy life.

Vikram, Adityan, and Deepika are classmates from a very young age. Vikram and Adityan always fight and compete with each other and are jealousy too, though at heart they love each other very much.

Vikram always wanted to be victorious over Adityan and Adityan will not give up too. It is Deepika who always brings them to a compromise and many quarrels end up without fight due to her interference; she likes them both very much.

‘Vikramadityan’ narrates the life of these three friends from their school days to their youth till they get settled in their life. Delhi is also a location during the flashback in the movie.