Naval Enna Jewel Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | U | Drama, Family, Thriller

Naval Enna Jewel is a 2017 Indian movie directed by Renji Lal Damodaran starring Shweta Menon, Adil Hussain, Anu Sithara and Sudheer Karamana. The feature film is produced by Renji Lal Damodaran and the music composed by Justin George.

Release: August 18 2017 (India)
Language: Malayalam
Director: Renji Lal Damodaran

The story happens in Iran. ‘Naval Enna Jewel’ is the story of Asma (Swetha Menon) and her daughter Naval (Iranian actor ... Show more

The story happens in Iran. ‘Naval Enna Jewel’ is the story of Asma (Swetha Menon) and her daughter Naval (Iranian actor Reem Kadem).

A 68 year old Arab comes to Kerala and finds a wife in 13 year old Asma, the daughter Alavikutty. The events in the life of their daughter Naval, who has an Iranian lineage, form the plot of ‘Naval Enna Jewel’.

Naval is an Indian-Iranian young woman who suffers humiliation in her country and fights against all odds including male domination for women empowerment.

Hindi actor Adil Hussain does a prominent role as a Government official in Iran. Swetha Menon is seen in a male avatar too. The film also features Anjali Upasana, Sudheer Karamana, Paris Laxmi.

‘Naval Enna Jewel’ is the story of women empowerment and atrocities against women. The movie is written, directed, and co-produced by Renjilal Damodaran. The script and dialogues are by Renjilal and V K Ajith Kumar.





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Cast & Crew Details:
Shweta Menon
Adil Hussain
Anu Sithara
Sudheer Karamana
Anjali Aneesh Upasana
Manikandan Pattambi
Reem Kadem

Director: Renji Lal Damodaran
Producer: Renji Lal Damodaran
Production Company: Indus valley Film Creations
Music Director: Justin George
Song Lyrics Writer: Rafeeq Ahammed
Sound Designer: Renga Nath Ravee
Cinematographer: Jobby James
Editor: Vijayakumar
Art Designer: Arkan S Karma
Screenplay Writers: Renji Lal Damodaran, V K Ajith Kumar
Dialogue Writer: Renji Lal Damodaran
Original Story Writers: V K Ajithkumar, Renji Lal Damodaran

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