Ore Kadal Synopsis

Dr. S.R. Nathan is an internationally acclaimed economist; someone akin to Dr. Amartya Sen. Nathan is a thinker. His entire being is focused on fiscal and economic matters and developments. Though an intellectual of the top order, Nathan is a loner and an alcoholic to boot. He is careless about the way he dresses, and often appears shabby and disheveled. It is by the oddest of circumstances that Deepthi meets Nathan. In course of time they learn that they are on the same wavelength. Both have anchored their lives in the middle of a turbulent sea. Ore Kadal, Shyama Prasad's new directorial venture, has Mammootty playing the lead role of Nathan. Meera Jasmine for first time starring opposite to Mammootty, plays the role of Deepthi. The film speaks about the erosion of values, the varied experiences of life and hitherto unseen aspects of romance.