The Sound of Boot Synopsis

Holiday Home is a tourist resort in the high ranges of Kerala. It is a property that reminds one of the British mansions of the colonial days, and is frequented by tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of Kerala's hilly terrain, and by newly married couples who come to honeymoon here. It is with a heart full of dreams that Rahul Krishna comes to Holiday Home with his beloved Meera Nambiar. But what happens there is beyond his wildest dreams. Boot is a Shaji Kailas film that has Suresh Gopi in the lead role. Murali and Bala have prominent roles in the film. So does Honey Rose. Quite different from his other films, which had politics and crime as the thread, Boot has romance and suspense as the central theme. Shot in Kuttikkanam, Peermede and other scenic locations in Kerala's high ranges, Boot has completed production and is slated to be released on December 06, 2007.