Vishwaroopam Synopsis

A middle class girl from Tamil Nadu named Nira alias Nirupama is in US for doing higher studies. There she marries a dance master, Viswanathan. No love exists between them but they lead a normal family life. Viswanathan also runs his dance school without any problems. Nirupama completes her PhD and takes up a job. It is then that she develops new ambitions. The marriage stands in her way to attain those ambitions. She wants to get the marriage annulled, but she has no valid grounds for seeking a divorce. Niru finds no cause to blame her husband to get separated. She, however, believes Viswanathan’s character is flawed. She hires a man to spy on her husband. What the detective ferrets out is startling. With this begins the thrilling drama.


September 20

Super Duper
September 20

Sye Raa
October 2

October 4